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Google Stats..

Those who view a listing with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation there. Amongst 18-34 year-olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely that they will book.

What Google “See Inside” Offers for Hotels

Whilst a hotel can have a similar “See Inside” option to other businesses Google also offer the option of showcasing your public rooms such as Reception, Bar, Dining room as a walk through but then, as separate entities also feature individual ‘Walk Arounds’ for other amenities that you may offer such as a gymnasium, Sauna, Swimming Pool and even Gardens without them being directly linked to you main “See Inside” option.

Various rooms and types of rooms can also be shown in a similar fashion thus avoiding the viewer having to click their way around long corridors or across walkways to separate annexes.

Like our other types of “See Inside” tours your hotel or individual rooms can also be embedded into your website thus allowing people to actually look around the room you are offering them.

Having a “See Inside” option on your Google Local Business page affords you the highest chance of winning a booking from a new customer who is checking out hotels in an area (or indeed your specific hotel) as they are able to look where they want to rather than simply see a photo of what you want them to thus inspiring confidence in making that booking with you.

As explained in full on our Restaurants and Pubs page. A google local search will always show your Google Local Business entry at the top of the page in a large box on the right hand side (on a PC or larger tablet) and as a complete full screen entry on a mobile device.

These Google Local Business results will always take priority over links to your individual website and also those links to hotel review and booking websites that often feature higher up the search results than your own website.

Google See Inside offer hotels a variety of ways to display their hotel. As mentioned above, to avoid clicking down what are often lengthy corridors, Hotel rooms and other hotel features can be featured as separate “Islands” which will appear as the first entries in the ‘Pictures’ section of the Picture Gallery associated with the Hotel (before other photos that may have been posted)  and also as the first entries on the image gallery that shows below a Google See Inside page.

For those establishment owners that want to feature these rooms within their web pages these room views can also be embedded into their pages either using the standard Google See Inside Tour or as a custom page using overlays. For more information on our custom services see our Custom Pages section.