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Unique and Orginal 3D Presentations

In addition to being able to create your Google Business view we can offer a variety of custom designs to be used on your website, on Facebook or for special presentations. These can include sounds and video and can also move from one panorama to another in a similar fashion to the Google product.. But with many more enhancements.

Have a look at the example shown below which is an unusual ariel panorama. You will also hear a few sounds that will stop and start depending upon where you are viewing.

Multi Device Viewing

The vast majority of custom designed panoramas can be viewed on all types of device and can also be embedded in website applications and Facebook. (See our Facebook Page here as an example)

Facebook now also allow interactive images to be placed directly into your business page and although the quality is not as good as our embedded panoramas it does allow business owners to invite people to see a panoramic view of your premises that could be pinned to the top of your home page.

You may also like to try using a Google Cardboard viewer to see our apps in real 3D. This simple 3D viewer works with most modern mobile phones and allows real immersive 3D experiences.

Click on this Facebook post to see a full 360 image working

Custom tour are ideal for societies and organisations that want to document a scene with notes and other information. They can also be used to create walk throughs similar to Google Street View but with the added extras of sounds and explanatory notes.

We can also add individual 360 panoramas directly to Google Maps to places where Google Street View will not be able to go. This can be of great use for property owners who may wish to showcase a bit of their private estate such as a showjumping area, Grouse Shooting Facilities or, in this case a Graveyard!

Property Sales

We are also working on bespoke property viewing page for developers and estate agents whereby potential customers can embark on  virtual tour.

Each Developer/Agent will have there details linked to the tour and will be editable by the developer/Agent. More details available soon.