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A complete and informative Google local business Page is as important as your website!

“Now I understand how Google Local Search works I am making the most of this great feature”

Google Local Business Pages Explained

When someone uses Google to search for your business by name in a certain area your Google Local Business Page will always appear at the top of the results. It will occupy the right hand half of the screen if you are searching with a PC or will feature across the whole page when using most tablets or mobiles.

It is ESSENTIAL that this free offering from Google is both claimed and completed and it may well be the first and main reference that people will use to obtain details about your business. Too many business owners, when checking their business website’s visibility on the web, forget that when others are searching for them on Google that they may not know the URL and those people will almost always initially be drawn to the Google Local Business profile rather than your website. If properly completed your Google Local Business Page can offer the user most of what they require as it can show contact details, opening times, reviews busy periods and also interior images, either provided by the business owner or others who have taken photographs of it.

Those photos shown are also scavanged by Google from general searches on the internet and they are not always the most flattering! This is especially so if the business owner has not submitted their own.

The other facility offered on this business page is the opportunity to “See Inside” that allows potential customers to see what that business really looks like in 3D and afford them the chance to see what they want to look at whilst strolling around your interior.

It does matter how great that businesses website is, people will look and take in the information shown on that Local Business Page. To those of you who are aware of it’s importance it is a great opportunity to increase your footprint on the Web and afford your customer valuable and informative information.

Have a Look Around – Your Invitation

People have found your business, maybe not via your website but because they are looking at your fully complete and informative Google Local Business Page. There is an invitation to “See Inside”

Will they be able to do that with your establishment? Or.. will they be drawn to another business that offers that option?

For the fraction of the cost of building your website 360 Business Views can provide your business with a high quality 3D Panoramic interior (or exterior) of your establishment. That same feauture can also be utilised on your own website and Facebook and all for a one off cost.

How many new customers would it attract in a Year? For some businesses a single new customer may pay for the cost of your entire photoshoot and for every single business the payback cost would always be less than a year and remember.. it is a One Off Cost meaning that as the years go by you will still be getting new business from your “See Inside” feature whilst your competitors are still “thinking” about it!


Around 50% of people now use tablets or mobiles to search and they may miss results showing your actual website! Find out why.

Google will always present it’s own Local Business Page at the top of search results for a specific business way above any result for your specific website. Because of the layout used for mobile and tablets results are in a single column with a great emphasis placed on that Local Business entry. (This is normally shown on the right on PC based searches) People spend thousands on having a great website produced and yet many have not even edited their local business page let alone invested a small amount in the “See Inside” option despite this being the first and possible the only entry for that business that people will see.

With Google Local Business results you are inviting people to find out more and a simple tap on the blue bar or blue arrow expands the entry to show more information such as the properly completed Hotel example shown opposite where the see inside option is shown. The Google Street View entry also shows the exterior entrance of the property rather than the bit of road on Street View which is nearest to the business.

Many business owners may not even be aware of just how poorly their own website features on searches on tablets and mobiles because they have only viewed their searches using a desktop PC!

The screen shots below show how a business search appears on a tablet or mobile (ie about 50% of your potential customers) and how people click through for more information using the Google Local Business Page.

This is a local search for a specific hotel using a tablet or mobile.

The Local Business Page shows at top of search results using a tablet or mobile. Most people will tap this image to find out more. This will take them to the next more detailed page as shown on the right.

The link to the actual business website lower down the page is barely visible!

This is the view that people will see having tapped or clicked the image on the left

More details about the business and an invite to “See Inside” (if the business has this feature)

The Standard Street View image usually taken from the nearest bit of road from Street View is replaced by a custom view from your “See Inside” tour.

SEO for Google Local Business

google-localIn terms of rankings within Google Local Business Search slightly different parameters apply to the where a business will feature in local business ranking results. Whilst normal SEO results depend mainly on content, inbound Links, Page Titles and Page Headings the positioning of Google Local Business pages, whilst always appearing about the normal organic search results, are ordered using different criteria.

INFORMATION – A completed Google Local Business Page with full details such as opening hours and images will tend to improve your positioning in results, after all people are searching for more information and it makes sense to list those businesses with more information first!

PHOTOGRAPHS and SEE INSIDE – The inclusion of photographs and especially a ‘See Inside’ walk through will mean that not only will your Google Local Business page be listed more highly up the results but that it will more likely catch the user’s eyes!

REVIEWS – People like reading reviews be they good or bad and this can have a great effect on whether people decide to visit your establishment as well as your position in the results. See our section below for more information of the importance of Google reviews. Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking meaning thay reviews and positive ratings will generally improve a business’s local ranking.

DISTANCE – Taking into account the fact that many people will be searching using mobile devices Google places a great deal of emphasis on this fact. If searching using a mobile Google will usually know exactly how far away for a business you are and will tailor results taking this into account. If a specific location is stated then this will also influence results.. such as restaurant in —- High Street, YourTown. If searching from a PC then details from previous computer activity plus any geo information that can be gleaned from your Google account will also be taken into account.

Google Reviews

Googe Business Page ReviewsGoogle reviews also feature very strongly on the Google Local Business Page. The number and quality of those reviews also seem to effect the positioning of your business when a local search is conducted for your business type in a specific area when all local business pages will be listed.

Many businesses are always telling their customers to ‘Like’ them on their Facebook page but they would be far better off, provided they have had a good customer experience, to encourage those customers to leave a favourable review on your local business page!

More reviews will probably result in higher ranking in those local business search results and they also leave favourable reports that can easily read by potential new customers.

Why not have a simple thankyou card printed and ready to hand out tho those who have had a good customer experience with them asking them to spend a few minutes writing a favourable review for your  page?

Managing your Google Local Business Page

We hope that the above information emphasises just how important your local business page is and also how a Google Business View tour will benefit.

We also appreciate that, to some, the setting up and management of this page may prove to be problematical. We manage dozens of pages for local businesses and have the experience and knowledge to assist you in setting this up properly or we can manage this page on our behalf. If you have a question do feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to offer advice of assistance even if you have not yet booked your tour with us!

Be Seen on all devices with Google Local Business

Google Business Page Scams!

Your Google Local Business Page is totally Free!

There are a number of unscrupulous agencies out there pretending to manage your Google Business Page and asking for a payment to renew your page subscription to keep you in the Google Search Results!


Your Google Local Business page is a free service offered by Google and is there to compliment and show off your “See Inside” to it’s very best. You should never have to pay any fees for maintaining or setting up this page. All our clients are offered FREE help and assistance to do with their Google Local Business Page if required. Should you have any queries or questions, even if you are not a client, just give us a call and we will do our best to help.

You can find out more about Google Local Business here