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Is it really just a One Off Payment?

YES! Your “See Inside” on Street View is hosted by Google and will remain available for all to view for the foreseeable future.

We only charge for visiting your premises, taking your photographs and setting this up on Google Street View. There are no further or ongoing costs unless you require us to actively manage your Google Business Page (We do not charge for setting this up for you unlike many other marketing agencies)

We will require a deposit of at least 50% of the cost quoted at the time of shooting and the balance prior to publication after we have shown you a preview.

Can I not do this myself?

Nope, Unless you have the equipment and software to produce high quality High Dynamic Range Panoramas and even then you would not be able to upload it to Google Business View as Google only permits approved photographers to contribute to this scheme.

I am not sure if I have a Google Business Page - How do I check?

Prior to visiting your premises to create your Google “See Inside” we will check that a Google Local Business Profile exists for your organisation. If it does not then we can set this up for you and advise you how to claim this. If it does and you have not claimed this then we can advise how to do so or, alternatively manage this page on your behalf.

Do you blur all face and car registration plates like on Street View?

Yes we do, as the one thing you do not want to have is a privacy issue whereby someone requests that your tour is removed because their privacy has been compromised. The one exception to this can that staff faces can remain unblurred provided they have signed a model release form which we have to retain for reference by Google. Our advice is to NOT show employees faces unblurred.

Once published can I change or remove My Business View?

As part of the package you license Google to publish the photographs of your premises to be shown on their Business View Program. You will be able to modify your business details linked to your premises although naturally not the location as your tour is associated with Street View! Your tour can be removed by requesting this from Google or it can be updated by a new photographic shoot perhaps due to re decoration or re-building.  If the latter then naturally additional costs would be involved. We do, though, retain all copies of Photo Panoramas taken.

How long does your photoshoot take?

Photo Shoots can take from one to three hours depending upon the size of the premises. We will always arrange a suitable time to pay you a visit rather than turn up announced! Do not think that this is easy money for us though as there is a great deal of behind the scenes processing to produce your “See Inside” business View. Each individual panorama is a merge of twelve photographs that need also to be edited and linked to others prior to the publication of your tour to Google.

Will this improve the page ranking for my website on Google?

A “See Inside” tour will not directly effect the SEO ranking for your website but Google Business View shows your website URL in Google Search, Google Maps, Google+ and Google Streetview  thus your website has a higher chance of being found when somebody makes a relevant search on Google. ALSO Your Google Business profile will feature in related Google Local Business Searches and if people are specifically searching for your business then the “See Inside” invitation will show at the top of Google Results on the Right Hand Side!Specific Business Search

Do I have to do anything special before your visit?

You will want to ensure that your business looks it’s very best. Make sure that, on the day of our visit, all is looking neat and tidy. You would be surprised just what 360 degree photographic panoramas show! If you are a retailer than ensure your shelves look neat and tidy and well stocked, If a restaurant consider showing some or all tables laid out for diners and if a dentist then ensure the walls are not splattered with blood!

Unlike other agency photographers we will carefully examine all photographs taken and will edit out any small problems (including blood splatters!)

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee that your tour will be featured as a “See Inside” feature against your Google Profile. If for quality control reasons your tour is not accepted by Google then we will refund all monies paid.

My premises look best at night? Can you still photograph it?

Yes. Many bars, restaurants and clubs look much better during the hours of darkness and we can arrange to do your photoshoot at times to recreate that particular look. However, it is usually best to take your shoot with an empty premises or with very few people present as we require to get a clear view of your premises.

Can My "See Inside" be Outside?

We appreciate that not all business premises are indoors and we can provide walk throughs for Garden centres, Play areas, Concert Venues, Amusement parks and much more. Because of the larger areas often involved panorama spacings are generally further apart.

For bars and restaurants we can also show patios and gardens and link them your interior. This may often require two visits to ensure we have captured both areas at the best time of the day to show them off.

How long is it before my "See Inside" gets published.

Time scales vary according to workloads re editing of your photoshoot plus the time for Google to process your submissions. The record is three hours from taking the photographs but generally reckon on about 24 hours from approving our draft tour which we will email to you.

Who owns the photographs you take?

You are employing us as your photographer and, once paid for, all photographs taken belong to you.

We do, however, reserve the right to use images for our own promotional purposes (which usually benefits you as well!) unless you specifically request that we do not do so. We can also provide high resolution versions of all images taken for your own use and can also assist in your publishing these specialised panoramas elsewhere.

All questions answered?

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