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On average, restaurant listings that included Business View had a 30% higher click-through rate to reservations. 84% of 1,300 surveyed customers said Business View was a factor in their restaurant choice.

How Google Local searches for Restaurants and Pubs work.. We explain

Local Restaurant Searches

People often like to try new places to eat out of just to meet socially. To find those locations most will usually resort to a local search by Google. Your website may well appear in the search results, and if you are lucky, even on page one but all they will see in those search results will be your webpage title plus between 55 and 115 characters of description. Can you describe what your premises are really like in so few words?

At the very top of a local search results will be the Google Local Business results with an invitation to view more. However wonderful your website (and indeed your establishment) is it will be featured below these local business results as featured by Google Maps. These are the results that people view before scrolling down the page and possibly coming across that for your website and those few words of descriptive text!

To make matters even worse you will also find that, when making a general search for eating and drinking establishments the first entries after the Google Local Business results are those for various restaurant guides such as Trip Advisor. This very often pushes any result for an individual establishment completely off page one of of the results.

People are generally very lazy when searching for such things and the higher up the results always get the most clicks. You can circumvent this by paying around £1.50 per click to feature higher up the results via Google Ads but again you will be restricted in your descriptive text but to an even higher degree! It would not take that many clicks of your Google Ad before you have exceeded the cost of your own See Inside Business View which would feature as part of the local business results at the top of the search results on the right hand side.

Everyone likes to know what an establishment is like inside before they visit. The more successful ones have already taken advantage of the Google “See Inside” feature

Google Search Restaurants in Oxford

From The Google Business Views Website

Choosing the right restaurant, cafe or hotel is often a complicated decision. Build consumer trust in your business with a high–quality, third–party–produced virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons. .

A Search for a specific establishment

Often people have heard of a place to eat out or meet in and it may be your business that they have heard of or has been mentioned. You can be assured that the majority will want to check you out before they visit and, normally, that will be by way of a search for your establishment on Google. Not only will they be seeking what you may offer in the way of food and drink but they will want to know what your establishment is really like. With Google Business View you have that opportunity.

In a local search when a business name and location is mentioned such as “Your establishment Name in Oxford” the first results people will see on the top left should be that our your own website. However, what will stand out is Google’s Local Business entry for your business in a large block on the right hand side. This will show all kinds of detail and may even show your busy times! This is the entry that people will be drawn to and if you have that “See Inside” invitation as per our example they are inside your premises in seconds. All you have to now do is serve them a great meal when they walk through the door personally!

One problem that many businesses have with these search results is that, if your Local Business profile is not complete and inviting them to See Inside is that they may be tempted to look at the other suggestions that Google will offer at the bottom of your local business profile! If you have not already edited your profile will help you set this up as part of our See Inside service. If they do decide to “View More” as prompted at the bottom of your business profile then they will be shown a local map of all similar businesses some of which may already be inviting their customers to “See Inside”

Now is the chance you have to be one step ahead of much of your competition. See Inside your establishment could be online for the world to see within days of you reading this webpage and maybe for less than you may take for a good restaurant booking for four people! Just imagine how much extra income you would derive from just one new diner a week for a year for a ONE TIME PAYMENT for one of our top quality Google See Inside panoramas.

So now you know how people will see you (or not) on Google and how to be the one that gets seen both on website searches and also inside you own premises. What really helps is a completed Google Local Business Profile with that invitation to “See Inside”